Paint Pallet Auto Bodies: Accident Repairs - Body Respray - Minor Paint Scratches & Scrapes - Stone Chip Repairs - Trim Repair - Leather Repair - Dashboard Repair - Stone Chip Repair - Interior Repairs - Paintless Dent Removal - Kit & Custom Car Body Styling

You're inundated by hundreds of body repair companies every month so what makes us different?……well ask yourself the following questions:

Are your current repairers any good? We are.....

Do they comply with the current Health and Safety requirements?  We do.....

Have they got a small team of technicians who have been in this industry for over 10 years and know 'everything' there is about minor and major body repairs? We do.....

Before each car is released, it will be valeted and a final check is done by our experienced team, ensuring you will be happy with the final repair.

One lease company recently reported that 43% of it's returned vehicles required 'cosmetic' remedial repairs each costing, on average, £610. * Figures for the industry in general are somewhat less at 32% of returns needing on average, £189 spent. * Still a noteable amount that we could help you to minimise. We offer the trade many cost effective ways to improve vehicle appearance & residual value. We always give personal attention and work hard to meet or exceed the expectations of our trade customers both in quality of service and turn around times.

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* figures from 'Fleet News' Nov 2002